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Secrets Revealed: Why You Must Download and Start Referring & Earning Through the Referral App

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By Ankur Chowdhury

Recently, we’ve launched a mobile application. The name of the app is Referral App.

What’s this app?

This is an app to refer your friends and family and earn while they enjoy an awesome experience of moving their stuff with City Link.

What’s the deal?

You refer your friends and family to City Link. When they register and start booking with City Link, you’ll start earning.

Tell me some more!

Get Acquainted with the Amazing CL Points

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What are CL points?

CL points are the value points that you get as 10% of the total trip freight value when you book a truck with City Link. Let us explain with an example: Assume you booked a truck through app/website and your total bill comes out to be 1000 INR. Out of this 600 INR is freight value and the rest are for add-on services (like loading/unloading) then you are entitled to get 60 CL points (10% of 600). The CL points can be used during your further bookings with us.

What is the worth of 1 CL Point?