Secrets Revealed: Why You Must Download and Start Referring & Earning Through the Referral App

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By Ankur Chowdhury

Recently, we’ve launched a mobile application. The name of the app is Referral App.

What’s this app?

This is an app to refer your friends and family and earn while they enjoy an awesome experience of moving their stuff with City Link.

What’s the deal?

You refer your friends and family to City Link. When they register and start booking with City Link, you’ll start earning.

Tell me some more!

After the successful registration done by the friend/vendor on the app/website, the referrer will get 100 CL Points credited in his/her account. Moreover, on further bookings, the pay structure will move upwards from 1% to 2.5%. You can check the whole payout structure here.

Are there any other benefits?

We know that a thought may cross your mind that there are thousands of similar apps available. So, what makes this app a standalone in its category? Actually, there is no single reason; there are many. So, let’s see the advantages of having the Referral App on your mobile.

  • Easy to maintain wallet: Maintaining this app is child’s play! All your earned money can be seen here and you can keep track of credited/debited money. No manual tasks required. 
  • Clutter-free Referral system: The referral system knows no boundaries. Send as many invites as you wish. We’ve various referral levels. So refer more and earn more! 
  • High-paying offers: We provide high-paying incentives/offers. Boost your level from Apprentice to Tycoon within few days. It completely depends upon you. 
  • Flexible Timings: You can earn even when you are sleeping. Do we need to say more?

How to use the Referral App?

  1. Download the app
  2. Register using your mobile number
  3. Click on Refer and Earn option
  4. A unique referral code will be generated
  5. Share the referral code and start earning

How to earn money with Referral App?

• Use your unique referral code to refer your friends/relatives as customers or vendors (having at least one truck) through the app.

• They use your referral code to register on City Link app or City Link website.

• After successful registration on the app/website customer will get 100 CL Points credited in his/her account.

• After the successful completion of the 1st trip by the user/vendor, the referrer will be credited Rs. 50.

•Once your referrals have successfully downloaded and registered through the unique code, you are eligible for the movie tickets

• From the second trip onward, you will be getting a fixed percentage of their expenditure/earning basis the referee is a customer/vendor respectively.

So, all the aforementioned points make it simply the best app in its category. So, don’t wait for anything now! Download the Referral App and start earning money instantly. Do you want to get acquainted with this app? Please feel free to click here.