We have a plan for the weekend!

By Varsha Parashiva Murthy

Bangalore is a city of movement. Everybody is in a hurry in the city. In this IT beast, the only mantra is "Do it now! Else the time stops for none". Apparently we are a part of the rat race. Then arrives the weekend for our rescue and all of a sudden the rat race is given a pause.

Work throughout the week. Chill out during weekend and repeat.
What are you up to this weekend? If nothing is the answer, then we have a plan!  

7 things to do while shifting your house


 By Varsha Parashiva Murthy

1. Plan in advance, prioritize and organize.  

Avoid last minute mess. The more time you have the easier the shift is. A gradual change is better. Keep sometime buffer, if things does not go according to the plan. Always have a plan B. Write down a list of things which are important and less important. The valuables should be on the top of your checklist. Staying organized is the key factor. Make a list of what is packed and yet to be packed stuffs.