7 things to do while shifting your house

  Varsha Parashiva Murthy

1. Plan in advance, prioritize and organize.  

Avoid last minute mess. The more time you have the easier the shift is. A gradual change is better. Keep sometime buffer, if things does not go according to the plan. Always have a plan B. Write down a list of things which are important and less important. The valuables should be on the top of your checklist. Staying organized is the key factor. Make a list of what is packed and yet to be packed stuffs.

2. Downsize your load

Though moving houses is a tiring task, but it also gives you a chance to clear the clutter. Downsize your load by discarding the useless stuff either by throwing, leaving behind or donating. Decide the stuff you want to carry with you and what you can sell.

3. Do not spend money buying cartons

Most people spend money on buying cartons for packing. You are going to use them only once. What you can do instead is go to a nearby departmental store and ask them to give you some spare cartons In addition, you can also check restaurants, shoe stores, and other retail stores for free boxes.Another option can be to head over to your local recycling facility. They always have a ton of boxes lying around, waiting to be recycled.

4. Do not spend on bubble wrap

Most people like to bubble wrap their fragile items before moving, You can save this expense by using newspaper or fabric sheets to pad up these products. And, if you really need a bubble wrap then you can check with retail stores of electronic items if they are giving away some bubble wrap.

5.  Keep Your Most Expensive/Precious Things Out of the Shifting

Although most movers & packers provide insurance cover, yet its better be safe than lose your valuable & dear ornaments etc. It is advisable to transfer all jewelry and precious belonging before the actual moving. You can keep them in a safe deposit or give it to a friend for safe keeping.

6. Hire a moving company

If you are planning to hire a professional moving company then collect all the relevant information about the company like their shifting charges, additional fee for extra weight etc. Do make it a point to find out if there are any hidden charges that you might have to pay.

To save money, take their quotation in advance and ask specific questions regarding moving. It will help you to get the detailed price list of the company’s service. Compare the prices of different companies to find the best suitable moving company. Also, do not forget to ask for a discount.

7. Use Technology

Stay organized and stick to your budget while shifting. There are apps that can help you keep a track of your belongings.

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